We can take any vaccines without any checks as usual!

I would go many countries in this year so I should take vaccines before going abroad.

I decided to take vaccines in Thailand because it is very cheaper than Japanese hospital.

But I didn’t know whether I could take vaccines or not with T1D.

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute (en.wikipedia.org)

The hospital is “Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute” (famous as “Snake Farm”) it has many patients from all over the world so we can take vaccines so quickly!

I told about my T1D condition to the nurse but she said only “OK” and the doctor said nothing about T1D.

I was injected vaccines “Yellow Fever” “Polio” “Typhoid” “Rabies (2 times)” “Hepatitis A” “Hepatitis B”.

New Rabies vaccine needs only 2 times and it takes only 1 week. (We had to take old one 3 times 3,4 weeks)


I haven’t been suffered from any sick, there was only little pain.

My patient information


2nd time for Hepatitis B in Warsaw, Poland. “Przychodnia Centrum Medyczne Damiana”

Przychodnia Centrum Medyczne Damiana (hotmed.pl)

I should take Hepatitis B vaccine 3 times so I took it again in Poland.

I was 2 weeks late for taking it but it’s no problem said by the doctor.

There is no matter with T1D in this hospital too.

I just found this hospital on Google Map but its nurses and doctors are very kind and it’s easy to communicate in English.



don’t be afraid to take vaccines with T1D!!

・with Elephant in Ayutthaya, Thailand