I have been on travel for about 2 months. As you can see on the top page, I was in some hot regions, the hottest is 45℃ in Turpan (Xinjiang, China).

I was super tired climbing the 1119 stairs in 45℃ Turpan.

Even in such situation, I keep my insulin-pens in this thermos bottle, when I am moving,

mont-bell thermos bottle.

I can put 14 insulin-pens in this bottle at the same time! It’s equivalent to 3 months life for me.

There  is no problem about the condition of these insulin-pens at all for now.


When I am in a hostel or someone’s home, I keep them in their refrigerator.

Only once in a hostel, I guessed I lost them.

I put them on the door of a share fridge but next morning, there is nothing on the door.

I asked the staff about it and she said

“We haven’t see them, they might be stolen by someone”.



I could find them at the deepest of the fridge.

The kind of hostels (not HOTEL) have only 1 or 2 refrigerators. If you couldn’t find your insulin, I recommend you to look for thoroughly!!

At first time, I was worried to put insulin-pens in a share fridge but I think no one have any interest for our insulin. I’ve not stolen them yet.


I’ve reminded. I left one of my insulin-pen in a personal taxi in Kazakhstan. It might fall out from my pocket.

Don’t put your insulin-pen in your pocket!!!

Nong Khiaw, Laos


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