The great meeting with Palestine people.

I got to Nablus from Ramallah by bus in Palestine and when I was walking to a hostel using GoogleMap, I was asked “where are you from?” by 2 girls and I answered “Japan!

They love Japan so much!! and we talked a lot on the way. Then we decided to meet again on the next day!


After 1 hour walking, the map showed that I was at my destination but there is no hostel. At the moment, some people helped me to find the exact location and took me to the hostel by their car!

I love people in Nablus so much!!!

Nablus hostel with kind guys

Arrived at the hostel

Actually, it was only 5 minutes walk from the bus station.


・The great hospitality from Nablus sisters.

The next day, I met the girls and also their 3 sisters!! Surprisingly they are 6 sisters!!

We were walking around the city and ate shawarma and ice cream.

The best Shawarma

The best Shawarma

After saying goodbye, we texted each other and we happened to know that one of the sisters and me have the same disease, Type 1 Diabetes!

I was planning to leave there tomorrow but we decided to meet again.

Palestine Gift

A gift from a sister.


The next day, we met again and ate frozen yogurt together.

Frozen yogurta

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my insulin from the hostel, but she gave me a needle and 3 units of apidra!! Thank you…!!


・T1D situation in Palestine.

T1D is well known in Palestine but their national insurance doesn’t cover so much. They pay about €13 for 1 insulin-pen and €13 for needles a month. but it’s free to see a doctor!


That’s great meeting in Palestine thanks of showing me wrong destination,

Palestine accessory

I love Palestine!


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