This August, I met a T1D woman, “Vaula” in Finland, she invited me to her place.
We had a zero sugar coke and discussed many things about T1D especially national insurance system. That was very surprising and interesting for the both of us.

Sunset from a lake in Finland

In Japan

I pay about 1,300 for total in 1 year. I go to internal medicine hospital 6 times in a year, it’s about €100 per 1 time and about €7 for 1 insulin pen. And I visit eye doctor once a year, it costs about €20.

In Finland

She on the other hand, she pays about roughly about €85 in 1 year for type 1 diabetes medication.(It’s over 15 times cheaper than mine!) It’s roughly €26 per 1 time for going to national hospital to see a diabetes doctor and she goes to see them about three times a year.
Finland’s medication system is great in that sense especially, that once you’ve spent your “yearly maximum amount” on medicine (which is roughly €550), from then every single medicine on costs €2,5 for three months’ supply not just per packet. (insulin prescription is valid for 2 years)
And she doesn’t need to pay for insulin poach and some other stuffs and also checking blood and eyes are free and you can also go see a foot care specialist nurse.

Also their needles and Libre sensors and pretty much everything you need in order to take care of your diabetes is either free or a very affordable price.

Even if we don’t have Finnish citizenship, we can join the kind of insurance after living in Finland for 1 year.


Finland; The Kind Country

I think Finland is one of the best country living with T1D or some other disease. And also most of Finnish supermarkets and restaurant menus have a special space for people with food allergies and it’s easy to find their choice.

Finland is amazing!!

In front of the library, Oodi


Thank you Vaula for inviting me, talking with me and correcting this article! Have a good life with T1D!


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